Personalized Training

Board and Train Day ONLY

2 weeks $1650
3 weeks $2450
5 weeks $3850

Board and Train: 2 weeks $1800

Board and Train: 3 weeks $2600

Board and Train: 5 weeks


Enjoy the convenience of your dog being trained and treated as a part of our family. 

Immerse your dog in a structured training program at my home that is customizable to meet your dog's training needs. Upon completion of training, all dogs receive 2 free post-training sessions to help you learn what your dog learned. 

Learned Commands: 
Place, Sit, Stay, Heel, Free, Drop, Leave it, Wait, Down, Come

All training plans can be customized to include other obedience concerns.

Can't live without your dog for that long? Then allow our trainer to take your dog 10 am-5 pm, for the board and train program, without spending the night. Your dog will receive the same training, as the board and train, but will be dropped off to you at the end of the work day. 


At Home Private Lesson $80

Package of 3 Private Lessons $230 

Package of 5 Private Lessons $385


Enjoy the convenience of our trainer coming to your home to help you learn how to train your dog through customizable training goals. 

80 minutes per lesson

Discounts for packages only provided when paid up front and are non-refundable.


Price includes trainer driving to your home for lessons within the zip code of 48044, for those outside this zip code, an additional fee will be charged.

Closeup of a Black Dog

Home Boarding

Let your dog stay in my home and be treated as family. Daily walks, fetch, playtime, and lots of one-on-one attention. This is for any member who has already completed any of our training programs or lessons. 

$47 per day, pick up and drop off not included

Pick up and drop off pricing dependent on your location and is an extra fee.